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whispers from the past

Whispers BookWhispers from the Past is the story of Daniel Richards and his eleven-year-old daughter,Kylee, who travel to Holland on a daddy/daughter vacation. While enjoying the usual sights around the country, they also witness several things that are terribly out of place: things that should have only been seen decades before.



Inca Prophecy
Inca ProphecyAfter arriving in Peru, twelve year old Kylee Richards and her father Daniel notice that they are the subject of unwanted attention from many of the people they come in contact with. Little did Daniel know that his daughter was the spitting image of a young peasant girl who was sacrificed to the Inca gods over three hundred years earlier setting off 100 years of prosperity and peace.

Kiwi Conspiracy

Kiwi ConspiracyKylee and Daniel Richards are having a wonderful time on their third daddy daughter trip to New Zealand, but their plans are interrupted when Daniel sees something he shouldn't have. The rest of their stay is spent trying to avoid being hunted by ex-convicts, intent on murder.





Kiwi Conspiracy

Kiwi Conspiracy Kaylee and Daniel Richard travel to Ireland and immediately become involved with a ghost who happens to walk by when they are taking pictures of an old castle. They find out who they can and cannot trust in their quest to try and not only rejoin to 400 year old ghosts but help them to not be cast out into an unknown existence.


…“Hale’s unconventional World War II story is packed with historical information and poignant scenes that enable readers to glimpse a more emotional view of the atrocities that occurred during World War II. While Hale doesn’t paint these scenes in a graphic or disturbing manner, he conveys them in a way that tugs on readers’ hearts.”…

…“For those who enjoy books that educate more than simply entertain, this book will be an enjoyable read.”

By Danica Baird
For The Mormon Times
March 8, 2011